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By checking on the checkbox and clicking ‘OK’ or ‘Proceed’, I consent to transfer my limits from KE Trade to MKE trade.

Additionally, I acknowledge the following information:

Transfer Process

  • Cut-off timing for requests will be on every Wednesday, 6pm.

  • A confirmation email on the limits transfer will be sent from Maybank KES to you by Thursday.

  • For requests reached before the cut-off timing, trading limits will be transferred from KE Trade to MKE trade on the coming Saturday.


Long Dated and Overnight orders

  • All long dated orders should be withdrawn on KE Trade by end of Friday trading day.

  • Overnight orders for Monday’s trading should only be placed on MKE trade from Sunday. Do not place any overnight orders on KE Trade post Friday.

  • Maybank KES will not be liable for any loss resulting from any overnight orders or long dated orders placed on KE Trade


Market Data

  • Your existing market data permissions in KE Trade will be retained in MKE trade.