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Growth Investing & Momentum Trading For Stock Market Crisis
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Join us for a session with guest speaker Dr. Tee, as he shares steps on how to maximise potential gains with growth investing and momentum trading strategies.

Additionally, learn more about the various stages of a business cycle and which asset classes perform best in each stage.

  • Maximize profits in global stock market with Growth Investing and Momentum Trading.
  • Master the investment clocks to Buy Low Sell High for different asset classes (stocks, properties, commodities, forex, bond).
  • What to buy (stock screening), When to buy/sell (buy low sell high), How much to buy/sell (risk management) for global strong growth and momentum stocks.
  • Fundamental   Analysis (FA) Technical Analysis (TA) Personal Analysis (PA), integrated with unique Optimism Strategies.
  • Current Stock Market Outlook (US, Singapore, China, Hong Kong) with impacts of US-China trade war, oil & gas crisis, political economy, etc.

Plus, enjoy exciting perks when you register today!

1) Free Investment eBook by Dr. Tee
2) Free stock diagnosis for early birds (1.30pm-2pm)
3) Free global stock screener following Dr. Tee strategies



Dr. Tee holds a PHD specialized in computational simulation. He possesses 20 years of investing experience with in-depth knowledge in stocks and major investment markets. He was a corporate Vice President, now the founder of a consulting firm. He has achieved financial freedom, spending most of his free time in life mission to educate the public towards the right path of investing.

He is the founder of investing blog with applications of Ein55 Styles of investing, sharing his experience extensively with over 800 investment articles, conducting over 200 investing seminars using FA, TA and PA methods with unique Ein55 Optimism Strategy. He is a well sought after speaker in major trading firms and various investing seminar.


Dr. Tee Tong Yan

Event Details
19 Oct 2019
01:30 PM - 05:30 PM

North Canal Road Event Hall
48 North Canal Road, Singapore 059304

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