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What are the Eligible Securities?

Index Constituent Stocks





Shares under risk alert board
Shares that are not traded in RMB

Total No. of Stocks* 568
Market Capitalisation* 90%
Average Daily Turnover* 80%

* No. of stocks as of 10 Apr 2014; MC as at end of Mar 2014; ADT is for Jan-Mar 2014
# Any SSE security that is not accepted as an SSE Security upon launch because it is on the risk alert board will be accepted as an SSE Security if it is subsequently removed from the risk alert board and falls under any of the selection criteria.

A list of SSE Securities is available on the HKEx website.

Click here for more details on eligible stocks under Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect.

Brokerage and Market Fees

 KE Trade

Online Trade

Offline Trade

Brokerage Rate






Click here to refer to section 7 (Fees and Levies) of the HKEx Information Book for information on applicable market fees.

Trading and Settlement
Price Quote
15 minutes delayed
Order Type
Limit order
Lot Size
Tick Size
  • Day trading is not allowed
  • Order amendment is not allowed
Traded Currency
Settlement Currency
  • For settlement in SGD, HKD or USD, clients are require to pay on no later than T+1 
  • For settlement in RMB, cleared funds are required to reach us by T, 9.00am
    (We reserve the right to impose a fee of 5.0% p.a. for late settlement in RMB)
Sale of Shares
  • Shares must be available in your Maybank Kim Eng account no later than T-1 for sale transactions
  • Shares bought on T can only be sold on T+1
  • Short selling is strictly prohibited
Corporate Actions

Click here to refer to section 4.5 (Nominee Services corporate actions) of the HKEx Information Book for information on corporate actions.

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