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A non market maker with competitive spreads and pricing.
What Are The Charges?

Forex Spreads
View our competitive spreads under normal market conditions.

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No Commission/Brokerage Charges
Maybank Forex allows you to trade without incurring commission or brokerage charges. You will not be charged Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Swaps/Rollover Charges
Swaps, often known as overnight interest or rollover interest, are interest payable or receivable for holding open positions overnight. You may pay or receive interest depending on the direction (buy or sell) and currency pair you rolled over to the next trading day at New York close. The interest amount is dependent of the notional amount you rolled over and the swap points quoted in pips

There is withholding tax on swaps credit for a client who has opened the account under an overseas investor declaration, subject to the prevailing Singapore government rate.

Are There Any Other Fees ?

There is no fee needed to maintain or close your Maybank Forex account. No interest is earned on dormant funds.

What is the Settlement Currency of Realised Profits/Losses?

Your profit and loss in various currencies will be converted to your account home currency using our end of day mid-rate.

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