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Only broker in Singapore to provide information on the U.S. markets all in one place!
Features of U.S. Knowledge Centre

Trade confidently with Maybank Kim Eng's U.S. Knowledge Centre on KE Trade, a one stop destination for news and market information on U.S. stocks.

Features include:

  • Market Overview
    Stay up-to-date on the performance of U.S. indices and companies.

  • Stock Upgrades/Downgrades
    Find out about U.S. company rating changes and historical rating information.

  • ETF and ADR Center
    View the most popular U.S. ETFs and ADRs by traded volume, and the best and worst performing funds and ADRs.

  • IPO Center
    Discover what are the upcoming U.S. IPOs and find out more about recent IPOs, and the best and worst-post IPO performances.

  • Stock Screener
    Find the U.S. stocks that you want based on your chosen criteria or choose from a pre-built list of categories.

    Available criteria include: 
    • Price
    • Market cap
    • Beta
    • P/E ratio
    • Dividend percent

    Available pre-built categories are:
    • High-yielding companies near ex-dividend date
    • Large-cap companies paying a dividend
    • Active mid-cap companies paying a high dividend
    • Large ADRs
  • Earnings Calendar
    View the list of U.S. companies which are expected to release earnings reports in the upcoming weeks.

  • Stock Research
    Search for a U.S. counter and get a consolidated view of its price, fundamentals, related charts, news and the ETFs with exposure to that stock.
    To read more analysis on U.S. stocks, including a list of reasons to buy and sell that stock, you may refer to Zacks Research Reports

  • Market News
    Access U.S. news and market commentary in real-time.
Access U.S. Knowledge Centre on KE Trade Online

Step 1: Log in to KE Trade Online and click on the U.S. Knowledge Centre module on the top menu bar.

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Step 2: Find the information you want using the categories on the side bar.

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Free U.S. Live Prices

Enjoy one-month free access to US live prices when you execute at least one online or mobile trade on NYSE/NYSA Arca/NASDAQ. The free access will be activated automatically the next day after a trade is done, subject to your acceptance of the Exchange Subscriber Agreements.

You will be entitled to one month of free access per calendar month. To extend your access, you will be required to execute another trade on NYSE/NYSA Arca/NASDAQ during the calendar month following that of the first qualifying trade.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The promotion is valid till 31 December 2018.
  • Applicable to existing clients with a KE Trade account.
  • Valid for non-professional subscribers only, as per the NASDAQ OMX Online and NYSE Global Subscriber Agreement.
  • Clients must execute at least one trade on NASDAQ, NYSE and/or NYSE Arca via KE Trade Online or Mobile to qualify.
  • Clients are only entitled to one-month free US live prices per calendar month. Please refer to the "Illustration" section below.
  • Complimentary access will be activated the next day.

Click here to view the full terms and conditions.

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