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Ratings by theScreener provides an easy-to-read assessment on your trading ideas and reassess your portfolio through global evaluations, fundamental and technical analyses and risk analysis

Even the most confident trader could use an unbiased expert to help reaffirm their decisions.

With Ratings by theScreener, thousands of sophisticated algorithms work to support your decisions, giving you ratings and risk assessments in simple graphics on your mobile. 

Easy-to-Read Indicators

Global Evaluation Rating, Stars Rating and Risk Zone Rating, let you know the fundamental, technical and risk analyses of your stock quickly.

Insights into Global Stocks

Run regular checks on stocks in SG, USA, MY, TH and HK markets to manage the performance of your portfolio!

How It Works

Global Evaluations Rating indicates the current condition of a stock based on Risk Zone Analysis, Fundamental and Technical Analysis and Group Analysis. There is a bar with 5 boxes. 1st box=negative. 5th box=positive. 

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Stars Rating allows you to identify high-quality stocks quickly and easily. A stock gains a star when it fulfills each of the following corresponding qualities:

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Risk Zone Rating indicates the volatility of the stock in various market conditions.

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You can also watch our tutorial video!



How Do I Access It?
  1. Download KE Trade Mobile here.
  2. Log in and select Quick Quotes
  3. Search for your stock of interest
  4. Select Ratings 

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Please note that Ratings by theScreener is only available on Android and iOS phones.

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