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At Maybank Securities we believe in sharing the fruits of our business with the communities to which we belong. The importance of giving back to society is something that we have subscribed to since our inception and has always been at the core of our identity. We aim to lead by example, raising awareness about corporate philanthropy by rolling out sustainable programmes which best leverage the power of business for the good of others. Over the years, we have lent a helping hand to a range of underserved groups, across all the countries in which we have a presence.

That is how we go about humanising financial services. 



Maybank Securities believes that it takes more than economic growth to build a community. For ASEAN to grow, the community needs arts and culture to infuse it with identity, soul and imagination, and to encourage diversity in thinking.

We also believe that the region’s economic integration can only be fully achieved with social integration of its people. The key to ASEAN’s social integration lies in our commonalities derived from our shared history and culture.

That is why the Katakatha initiative was created. A truly ambitious project, we aspire to make KataKatha the platform to explore and enhance the appreciation of ASEAN’s commonalities through arts and culture. Through KataKatha, we also hope to promote the region’s rich arts and culture, with the aim of perpetuating its development while retaining its originality and uniqueness. We believe in investing in the region’s arts and culture.


On 31 March 2015, Maybank Securities, along with Kiva, the world's first personal micro-lending marketplace, launched a landmark partnership for ASEAN in a collaboration that will impact the lives of more than 10,000 underserved entrepreneurs across the region.

An expansion of the Trade[&Give] initiative in Malaysia, this partnership serves to unveil opportunities for all levels of society, ensuring they have access and support for wealth creation and self-sufficiency.

 Click here for more details.

Home Improvement and Spring Cleaning Project for Needy Families

Over the course of 2016, Maybank and Maybank Securities volunteers worked together on a home improvement and spring cleaning project for 10 needy families. More than 70 volunteers were involved, with the aim of improving liveability and brightening up these families' homes. New chairs, mattresses and other furniture were also purchased and given to the beneficiaries.


Stepping Up for Needy Families in Singapore's South East District

On 20 August 2016, Emeritus Senior Minister (ESM) Goh Chok Tong unveiled the 6,500 volunteer hours that Maybank, Maybank Securities and Etiqa employees in Singapore achieved for its annual Global Corporate Responsibility Day 2016 at an event held at the Singapore Sports Hub. The event featured the 3M 50th Anniversary Step-Up Challenge@South East; about 500 staff and beneficiaries took 47,560 steps, which will be converted into 3M household product hampers for needy families in the South East District. This was 1 of the 4 events held in conjunction with Global CR Day in Singapore.

Raising Funds for the Intellectually Disabled from MINDS Singapore

On Saturday, 5 September 2015, as part of Maybank Group's Global Coporate Responsibility Day, more than 4,000 staff members from Maybank Securities and the rest of Maybank Group Singapore came together for a carnival at Siloso Beach, Sentosa to raise funds for the Movement for the Intellectually Disabled (MINDS).

Booths were set up, selling everything from popcorn and ice cream to beach gear. Accompanied by volunteers, beneficiaries from MINDS spent the day building sandcastles on the beach and enjoying the various activities offered.

Through the carnival, more than SGD200,000 was raised.