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Discover how our tools and investment products can enhance your returns and portfolio.
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 Gain access to contemporary tools and enhance your trading knowledge with us.



Market Insight

Market Insight allows you to keep your fingers on the pulse of financial markets with the latest stock research and analyses on current market movements.

Our Retail Research team has crafted 3 model portfolios based on 3 broad investor profile types of Growth, Yield or Value. 

Market Insight is available on KE Trade platform in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia.



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Research Portal

Our long experience across ASEAN and subsequent deep knowledge of SMIDS, is evident in the quality of live research coverage for 11 markets. 

Coverage on SMID, Sectors, Macro, Economics and Strategy Research are on tap daily here.



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Invest Academy

Our Invest Academy provides high quality education which can be accessed in-person or online through seminars and workshops. 

We know that education isn't one size fits all. Hence, we have further break down our education materials into 3 categories - Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced to enhance your knowledge effectively.

Check out our list of seminars and interactive videos here.



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Trading Tools

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Discover how our award-winning platforms can complement your trading journey.


KE Trade

Uncover potential market opportunities and implement your unique trading strategies with KE Trade. Our online trading platform delivers innovative and powerful trading tools targeted to help you uncover market opportunities. 


KE Trade Mobile

Seize investment opportunities while you are on the move with our award-winning KE Trade Mobile app. You can now trade global stocks, ETFs and REITs from 8 different exchanges anytime, anywhere.  


Global Markets

Maybank Kim Eng offers you access to global markets through online platforms and dealer-assisted means. Click here to find out which products in the various global markets we offer to you.   


Hitting the Fast Track

Enhance your potential returns with these products. 

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Leveraged Forex

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Contracts for Difference

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Bonds and Fixed Income 

Trade from 40 over currency pairs with tight spreads with no brokerage fees. 

Find out more here

Go Long or Short on stocks and indices with up to 20 times leverage on a Direct Market Access (DMA) platform.

Find out more here

Diversify your portfolio, plan your potential income flows and potentially achieve capital gains. 

Find out more here


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