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Trade with Market Depth on KE Trade Mobile
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Join us in this seminar to learn how to use market depth data to read trading behaviours. Market depth data gives a valuable insights on intraday demand and supply of the markets. By combining it with your trading techniques, it gives you an edge in trading. This seminar helps you learn the basics of using market depth and introduce the latest features on the KE Trade Mobile platform.

1. Introduction to market depth 
  • What is market depth 
  • How does market depth provide us an edge in trading
2. Trading techniques using market depth 
  • How to check trading liquidity and market direction bias
  •  Optimising entry and exit 
  • Identifying support and resistance level 
  • Establishing stop-loss level and estimating profit taking level
3. Access market depth through KE Trade 
  • How to access market depth 
  • Adding market depth to your pagelet 
  • Combining market depth with your trading ideas 

4. Latest features on our KE Trade Mobile platform

5. Q&A



Mr. Chiang KS

Event Details
24 May 2018
07:00 PM - 08:00 PM

NCR Event Hall
48 North Canal Road, Singapore 059304

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