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Understand, from a retail investor’s point of view, the annual report released by a company and how to use financial ratios to access the company for its viability and performance against its competitors. You will also learn the various methods used to value the stock of a company.


Part 1: Financial Statement 101

  1. Download useful Analyst Report Templates
  2. Follow the trail of money in these Financial Statements: Balance Sheet , Profit & Loss Statement, Cashflow Statement, Shareholder’s Equity Statement
  3. Where can you download the Financial Statements
  4. How to get the best out of the Annual Report

Part 2: Financial Ratio Analysis

  1. Function of Financial Ratio Analysis
  2. How to Analyse these ratios fairly
  3. Risk of Debt Default:  Debt-Equity Ratio (DE Ratio)& Current Ratio
  4. Risk of Earnings Depletion:  Earnings Per Share (EPS), Dividend Yield, Return on Equity (ROE), Return on Asset  (ROA)

Part 3: Valuation of Shares

  1. Using Price-Earnings Ratio
  2. Using NAV per share Historical Method
  3. Using Price-Book Ratio Projection Method
  4. Using Discounted Dividend, Discounted OCF or Discounted EPS method

Dr. Kee Wei Loon

Event Details
01 Oct 2017
09:30 AM - 12:30 PM

North Canal Road Event Hall
48 North Canal Road, Singapore 059304

Who Should Attend

Those who want to learn how to read annual report, interpret financial ratios and value the stock of a company.

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