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Access key financial markets anytime, anywhere with our award-winning mobile app.

Take Control of your Investments Anytime, Anywhere
Execute trades through your Trading Representative or via our KE Trade Online and Mobile platforms. From the comfort of your own home or while you are on the go, trade anywhere you are. Additionally, we provide 24-hour access so you can trade at any hour of the day.

Access to More than 30 Financial Markets

KE Trade Online and Mobile lets you trade global stocks, ETFs and REITs from 8 different exchanges! Trade offline through your Trading Representative, to access more than 20 additional exchanges.

Online and Mobile 

Market Exchange(s)
Singapore Singapore Exchange (SGX)
Hong Kong Hong Kong Exchange (HKEx)
United States

New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

NASDAQ Stock Market (NASDAQ)


Shanghai-Hong Kong Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect
Thailand Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET)
Malaysia Bursa Malaysia



New Zealand
United Kingdom

For leveraged access to these markets, you might be interested in our Contracts For Difference (CFD) or Margin Financing products. Find out more about KE CFD here. Find out more about Margin Financing here.

Reliable and Advanced Trading Tools
Designed to make online investing simple, KE Trade boasts time-efficient and customisable features and tools to help you capitalise on market opportunities.

If you are an active trader, opt for KE Trade PRO, our premier online trading platform which is designed to perform faster online transactions.

KE Trade Online and Mobile, and KE Trade PRO are equipped with reliable security features and provide instantaneous trade confirmations. So regardless of which platform you choose, you can trade with peace of mind.

Account Types

Whatever your needs may be, we have an account to serve it.

Account Type

KE Trade

KE Trade Prefunded

KE Trade Margin


A trading account that lets you trade securities listed on SGX and other markets.

A collateralised trading account that lets you enjoy lower online brokerage rates for SGX and other markets.

A collateralised trading account that lets you trade multi-markets with multi-currency financing facilities.

Market Access

Online and Mobile Trading: Singapore, United States, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and Shanghai "A" shares

Offline Trading through your Trading Representitive: 18 other global markets 





Trading Limits

Determined at Maybank Kim Eng's discretion.

Equivalent to the amount of funds deposited into the account.

Up to 3.5 times the amount of cash pledged.

Brokerage Rates

Please click here to view our brokerage rates table.

Custody of Shares

Choose between having your SGX-listed shares placed in a Global Securities Account (“GSA”) or Custodian Account.

Custodian Account: SGX-listed and foreign shares are in Maybank Kim Eng’s custody.
With a single custodian managing both your local and foreign shares, it is more convenient to keep track of your portfolio. Any queries you have with regard to your shareholdings can simply be directed to us.

GSA: SGX-listed shares are in CDP’s custody. Foreign shares are in Maybank Kim Eng’s custody.

SGX-listed and foreign shares are in Maybank Kim Eng’s custody.

With a single custodian managing both your local and foreign shares, it is more convenient to keep track of your portfolio. Any queries you have with regard to your shareholdings can simply be directed to us.


Ways To Trade

Broker-Assisted Trading
Let our professional, licensed Trading Representatives help you execute trades in both regional and international markets. Whenever you have questions about trading or on your trading account, you can count on your Trading Representative for assistance.

Online Trading
KE Trade delivers innovative, powerful trading tools to help you uncover market opportunities and implement unique trading strategies.

With a KE Trade Online account, you can access our award-winning research and trading tools on the web. Find out more about the features of KE Trade here.

If you prefer to trade stocks intraday and require fast submission and execution of orders, then KE Trade PRO is the ideal trading platform for you. Packed with innovative features to increase the speed of order submission and execution, plus features to ensure that you are always in touch with the latest market movements, KE Trade PRO gives you an edge when you trade.

Find out more about the features of KE Trade PRO here.

Mobile Trading

KE Trade Mobile is available across the full suite of operating systems – whatever your mobile device, we have an application for it. Our award-winning mobile trading platform allows you to trade on-the-go and access trading tools such as interactive intraday charts and stock ideas from Market Insight, among others. We also have an Apple Watch app that allows you to check your Watchlist, Indices and Quotes.

What is more, KE Trade synchronizes seamlessly across all your devices to provide you with an optimal trading experience. Find out more about the features of KE Trade Mobile here.

Risks Of Trading In Stocks

Stock trading carries certain risks. If you are not careful, you may risk losing some or all of the money invested. By understanding the risks involved in stock trading, you can take steps to manage your investments better.

Volatility of Stock Market
Share prices fluctuate due to various reasons including the profitability of businesses and market sentiment, and may often move unexpectedly due to major events or disasters. These fluctuations may cause losses.

It is therefore important to stay abreast of the latest available news to keep yourself updated on the latest happenings, and adjust your positions accordingly.

When there is an unusually wide bid-ask spread or large price movements, investors may not be able to buy or sell a security quickly enough at a price that is not substantially different from the prices for previous transactions. Investors may thus suffer a loss or have to close the trade with lower profit.

Currency Exchange Rates
When you buy a stock in a foreign currency, be prepared that the foreign currency may become weaker. Thus, you may see a loss in the value of your foreign securities. Constant fluctuations in currency rates may affect investors who trade in short-term investments.

Volatile Dividends

Dividends are profits that are distributed to shareholders. Corporate profits and dividend policies vary over time. You may receive attractive dividends in 1 year but none in the subsequent years.

Investment Sectors and Country Risk

A focused portfolio in either a single country or sector may experience a higher risk of loss due to adverse economic, market and political crisis within that country and/or sector. To mitigate this risk, it would be wiser to build a portfolio that is diversified across several countries and sectors.  

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